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Our Programs

The Children’s Reading Foundation is committed to ensuring every child learns to read early and well. All of our programs invest in children’s early learning and are designed as resources for parents and caregivers. Our programs focus on building cognitive, social and emotional skills ~ all necessary skills for success in school and throughout life.

Parents and Caregivers

It’s a simple as this – reading aloud with your child for 20 minutes every day will build your young child’s language and pre-literacy skills, help him or her learn to read, and prepare him or her for kindergarten. And along the way, you’ll create a special bond and build social and emotional skills. We offer inspiration, age-appropriate activities and book suggestions to help you raise your reader.

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3rd grade reading group

Partners and Communities

We don’t do our important work alone. National and local partnerships with schools, foundations and organizations further our work ensuring children learn to read well and proficiently by 3rd grade. Partners all have in common the understanding that for communities to succeed, each individual child must succeed.

Local Chapters

Our mission would not be accomplished without the efforts of our local chapters. They work tirelessly in their communities to champion the importance of reading aloud daily with children and facilitating community involvement in helping young readers be successful.

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Stakeholders across schools and communities play a vital role in ensuring children read proficiently by 3rd grade. Teachers, principals, superintendents and school boards, as well as community foundations, chambers of commerce, local governments and nonprofit organizations all work together, understanding that for their communities to succeed, each individual child must succeed.

News and Press

We value the important role the news media plays in bringing awareness and attention to early learning and literacy challenges and solutions.

3rd grade reading group